I have a rich background as an independent fashion and contemporary art curator with a specialty in young (sub)cultures. At the moment I work on various programs and exhibitions for the Amsterdam Museum, MAFB and the Open Space Contemporary Art Museum (OSCAM). I am also member of the Supervisory Board of Museum Bags and Purses.

Born in tropical Suriname, with roots in French Guiana, I grew up in Haarlem (Schalkwijk) and am now residing in Amsterdam. I move effortlessly between artists, institutions and the public. Curating is more than putting together enticing selections of objects; I am also a guardian of cultural heritage.

It’s my role to come in, make sense of it all, and present a picture of where fashion and art will head next. I act as a steward, activate ideas, draw connections, bring attention to lesser-known artists and overlooked regions, and highlight topics that warrant deeper conversation.

That is why I am Marian Duff