No more old boy’s network. Just more female leaders

Wednesday March 8 I celebrated International Women Day with MAFB’s annual Thank You Event in Hoxton Amsterdam. Together with MAFB I wanted to thank our favorite women. We selected the women based on their authenticity, passion for entrepreneurship and developing their own identity.

My goal was to connect brilliant women with influential and great  story’s. From actress and TV presenter to artist, the diversity during the day will lead to interesting conversations. Ninke Bloemberg, fashion curator Centraal Museum Utrecht, delivered a presentation about female fashion muses and curators and smoothly lead the Thank You Event with panel members Yasmina Ajbilou, Lynn Rosdorff and Xaviera Aubri.

To give this day a joyful and happy twist Maria Kooistra has designed a piece of jewerly, which was awarded by Els van der Plas to phenomenal woman Marian Spier. And Marieke and Marlous from Plan M will present their famous Topic Board at the end of the event. More female leader!