The Open Space Contemporary Art Museum (OSCAM) is a museological platform for art, fashion, design, craftmanship and development in Amsterdam.

The museum was founded by me and the South-East municipality as a pop-up museum in celebration of 50 years of Bijlmer to highlight the cultural diversity and richness of the district. Ultimately, it was such a success that OSCAM started to develop a long term museological program in collaboration with multiple partners, Decoratelier Nationale Opera & Ballet, Amsterdam Museum, OBA Hotspot Ganzenhoef, CEC, OSCAM Café, B&A Group and MAFB. The museum serves as a creative hub for the residents of Amsterdam, especially those in the Bijlmer, where they can meet renowned artists and their work.

In the museum we also have OSCAM Café, the new hotspot of South-East Amsterdam. In the café you can exchange ideas, work, drink, snack and relax.